Surely You Need Money? Four Web Tools for Working Offline Profitably

This is for those webmasters who have ever suffered an Internet connection debacle and lost popularity for a day. It is also for the online money experts who have only computer screens before them and no Internet for the moment. Ever heard of offline or offshore support?  There are such services available but the only […] Read more »


Webmasters! The Definitive Step-by-step Tips To Web Design

The most definitive wed design tips are at hand for all those with a flair for the dynamic website that can pull visitors to its flame like a moth. Many successful syndicates on the Internet have realized their dreams due to the layout of their pages and not just content. Furthermore, they may have done […] Read more »


Top 7 Tools To Have in an SEO Website

People talk about search engine optimization with a view to ranking on the result indexes. They, however, forget that there are more than ten billion sites and blogs in operation, today, and each is trying to make it to the top. In other words, it takes more than competitive strategies to make it to the […] Read more »


Still Stuck Performing Poorly? Here are Classic Web Tools To Get High Ranking

While many webmasters start on a high note, sooner or later they realize that they have forgotten to install something. It might be some vital software, program or some widget. These are tools that are highly essential in ensuring that a page is effective to the maximum. It helps display visible content like posts, site […] Read more »


WP Spin 2 IS BACK: Must Have Article Spinner

WP Spin 2 lets you automatically change words in your articles with synonyms before you post it. A Must Have tool if you want to throw diversity in your (PLR) articles!     Welcome to …… Looking for More Options than Just Another WordPress Spinner? Create an Auto Post Updating SEO Monster in a Matter of Minutes […] Read more »


Tips That Work For Every Blogger: Create Dynamic Blogs

Blogs do not come on a silver platter irrespective of the fact that they emerge from hosting companies, most often for free. All in all, when one goes commercial and monetizes the pages, it is essential to have, in mind, a few facts about dynamic blogs. Here are tips that will work marvelously for every […] Read more »


Push rel=”author” by means of your brain

No this title wasn’t a pun. It’s lifeless significant. My buddyArjan discovered yesterday that Google is currently allowingrel=”author” markup because of a part inside the head of your respective website. This tends to make including rel=”author” with your blog effectively considerably easier, and permits me to incorporate it to my WordPress SEO plugin. The rel=”author” hyperlink aspect […] Read more »


SEO Ranking Data – Tracking Actively and Passively

People ask me at times whether I talk about SEO ranking data with my clients and/or monitor it for them. In almost all cases I do monitor it, in some cases, we talk about them, in a lot of cases we don’t, as it’s just not that reliable of a metric. On the other hand, with Google […] Read more »


Do not use just /%postname%/ as your permalink structure.

Here’s the really short version: I used /%postname%/ as my permalink structure on CSS-Tricks for a long time. I have lots of Pages. My site went down. I changed my permalink structure to begin with a number. Now it’s fine. You should use at least 2 permalink structures, like /%year%/%postname%/ or even /posts/%postname%/. And the long version: All the […] Read more »


Yoast SEO Plugin

Download WordPress SEO is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin that exists today for users. It incorporates everything from a snippet preview that helps you optimize your page titles, meta descriptions and keywords to XML sitemaps, and loads of optimization options in between. NOTE: this plugin is still in beta. While you can download […] Read more »

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